BakBone NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector

continuous backup with recovery

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Date: 1st May, 2009
By: Peter Williams
Format: InDetail

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BakBone's NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector (NVRDP) carries out data recovery in a unique way which sets it apart from all other CDP software in a Windows environment-primarily through the ability to recover to live operation in around 30 seconds, but with a number of lesser spin-off benefits. This solution provides BakBone with a way of reaching new enterprise and mid-sized customers if it can get its message out. A more general need is to raise BakBone's brand awareness and perception. Then, given BakBone's global infrastructure, large user base and uncomplicated partner network, it will be well-placed to penetrate and support more enterprise customers. NVRDP can help the company challenge the perception that it is reliable rather than innovative.

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