Last Updated: 29th May, 2014
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XebiaLabs was founded in 2008, with headquarters in the USA, and it is backed by Xebia, an international IT conglomerate based in the Netherlands, and by ABN AMRO. It has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France and India and is supported by a global network of distributors. Xebia claims $35 million in annual revenue.

XebiaLabs has its origins in consultancy and specialises in scalable and reliable application release automation (these days, seen as the prime enabler for DevOps); it partners with both large multi-nationals and smaller, local businesses.

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Last Updated: 27th May, 2013

Deployit accelerates application delivery; drives down application release costs; manages evolving regulatory and compliance requirements; enables Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and private cloud initiatives for the enterprise.

Deployit addresses all sizes of customer. XebiaLabs has technology alliances with, for example, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Red Hat plus many others; and a range of reseller/consulting partnerships.

Deployit is used by an impressive range of customers in Financial Services, Energy, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Leisure, Government, Outsourcing and online/retail.

Deployit combines intelligent deployment automation, the richest content set for enterprise middleware and seamless integration into the application delivery ecosystem.

It connect to Windows & UNIX target systems using standard remote protocols on standard ports. There is no agent installation necessary, no firewall ports to be opened, no security reviews etc. Auto-discovery is used to enable rapid implementation and low maintenance as an environment evolves and it uses a plugin model and open plugin API, with native plugins for build, continuous integration, provisioning and cloud-management tools.

XebiaLabs offers 24x7 follow-the-sun support for Deployit.

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