TMW Systems

Last Updated: 28th January, 2016
Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway


TMW Systems was founded in 1983 and they have over 200 customers. 

The company offers the following products:

  • Transportation management software - including shipment planning and execution, fleet or carrier dispatch software and some fleet management applications; 
  • Business Intelligence solutions include TMW Data Warehouse which has a transportation and fleet-specific data model, TMW Data Warehouse transportation analytics, Data Warehouse Explorer and Transportation Analytics;
  • Decision Support Tools for Truckload Carriers include Fuel Purchase Optimizer, Optimize Truckload Profitability, Power-to-Load Matching and Exception Monitor for Trip Status;
  • Fleet Maintenance;
  • Truck Routing, GPS Tracking, & Trucking Dispatch Software through Appian DirectRoute.

Company Info

  • H.Q.: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Web:
  • Approx size: 600 people

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The are no solutions, listed at this time. If you work for, or represent, TMW Systems and would like to see your products/solutions listed please arrange an analyst briefing.

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