Last Updated: 20th January, 2017
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Teradata was first incorporated in 1979, in the days when a "tera" byte of data was "big data". It released the world's first parallel data warehouse in 1984 and has been a (if not the) leader in the data warehousing space ever since. It became a public company in 1987 but was acquired by NCR four years later. Thereafter it regained independence from NCR in 1997 and, once again, became a public company in 2007. The company has made a number of significant acquisitions over the last decade, including DecisionPoint Software, Claraview, Aprimo, Aster Data Systems and, RainStor. In early 2015 the company formed two divisions: Data & Analytics and Marketing Applications.

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  • H.Q.: 10000 Innovation Drive Dayton, OH 45342
  • Web:
  • Tel: Office +1 415.218.9002


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