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Last Updated: 24th July, 2013
Analyst Coverage: Fran Howarth


SailPoint Technologies has been offering hosted, virtual and managed service delivery options for its products for some time. Its core focus is on governance and compliance, combined with intelligence, with all services based on an integrated governance model. This makes it a good fit for highly regulated industries.

Targeting primarily Fortune 1000 organisations, it has good references from large global enterprises. However, it was late into the user administration sector, releasing a service in just mid-2012. In 2011, SailPoint extended its reach into the enterprise identity and access management market through the acquisition of BMC Software's identity and access management assets. Privately held, it is currently looking for further investment in order to make additional mergers and acquisitions. 

Company Info

  • Tel: +1 888 472 4578
  • Approx size: 275 people

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The are no solutions, listed at this time. If you work for, or represent, SailPoint Technologies and would like to see your products/solutions listed please arrange an analyst briefing.

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