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The Sage Group plc, often referred to as just Sage, is a global enterprise software company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1981 and in 1984 the company launched Sage.

Sage has become the world's third-largest supplier of ERP software (behind Oracle and SAP) and is the largest supplier to small businesses. It has 6.1 million customers worldwide. The company initially grew organically, but more recently has grown primarily through acquisitions. The result is a series of products in their portfolio aimed at different size organisations and also at specific horizontal areas such as finance.

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Last Updated: 29th January, 2013

Sage ERP X3 is a multi-legislative, multi-lingual, multi-currency ERP software solution with enterprise-level applications for finance, sales, inventory, CRM, purchasing and manufacturing. Sage ERP X3 has been configured in offerings that support Process, Discrete and Distribution verticals.

There is also an industry solution for services 'Project and Job Costing' module within Sage ERP X3. This module is aimed at the management of specific service activities so as to maintain visibility on the operational, sales and financial aspects of projects. Its features are tailored to the needs of professional service companies, especially businesses delivering operational services, such as recruitment and facilities management, or intellectual and technical services.

To provide support for multichannel retailers and direct marketers, Sage ERP X3 Distribution can be extended with the Multichannel Retail application module to provide extended functionality in the areas of marketing and campaign management, merchandising, pricing and promotion, order processing, warehousing and ecommerce.

Sage Group distributes its products and services to more than 100 countries across the world, both directly and through business partners. Sage ERP X3 has some 3,300 customers spread across 55 countries. The customers cover the whole spectrum of verticals.

  • Sage ERP X3 Process is aimed at process manufacturers from food & beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals through to more diverse sub-verticals such as dairies and bakeries. It provides support for formula and recipe management, quality control, shelf life management with expiration date control, by-product management and full lot traceability.
  • Sage ERP X3 Discrete is aimed at mid-sized discrete manufacturers. It supports a variety of manufacturing modes including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments.
  • Sage ERP X3 Distribution is designed for wholesale distributors and the distribution arms of manufacturers and provides support for order fulfilment, purchasing, inventory management, customer relationship management and accounting. There is support for automated RFID data collection, which results in easier collection and utilisation of data from operational areas.

Sage Software can be purchased either from Sage directly in the counties in which it has offices or through some 200+ partners worldwide. One of the keys to Sage's strategy for Sage ERP X3 is the way it has worked with a series of partners so that the partner offerings provide additional support for certain verticals or specialised areas.

Sage ERP X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise X3 technology (SAFE X3), the common development platform shared by all of Sage's applications (see Figure 1). 

 Sage Application Framework

Figure 1: Sage Application Framework (Sage ERP X3) (Source: Sage)

Its multi-tier service-oriented architecture (SOA)/web-native design offers tremendous savings and benefits to businesses, particularly for reducing IT infrastructure costs and expanding business opportunities. Among other features, the SAFE X3 platform provides users with best-in-class collaboration capabilities (web services, second-generation workflow engine) powerful business intelligence (BI) tools, and a unified and highly collaborative user interface. Its support for functional modules is shown in Figure 2.

 ERP X3 functional architecture

Figure 2: Sage ERP X3 Functional Architecture

Technology innovations include pre-configured role-based visual processes; support for multicurrency, multi-locations, multi-enterprise, multi-units, multi-country and country-specific legislations;  support for partner extensions [Link Sage Software ERP-X3 InDetail].

The  table below shows the environments supported by ERP X3

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, UNIX AIX, Linux Red Hat 


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Standard Edition - R2 64 bit; Oracle 10g


client/server and Internet mode


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 and above

Virtual Environment Support (option)

VMWare ESX/ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualisation software

Development Environment

ECLIPSE based; Java-based 4GL

Sage provides support for its customers at various levels:

  • Membership of the Accountants' Club;
  • Membership of the Sage Developers' Programme;
  • SageCover - aimed at smaller sized customers.

Sage has at present some 220 Business Partners and has been investing heavily in building its partner network. It has set up a Global Channel Program, which includes:

  • Training;
  • Certification;
  • Central team support 24/5;
  • platform: wikis, forum, blogs;
  • Local marketing initiatives;
  • Local lead generation;
  • Global dedicated events - global sales convention, Summit NA, Insights SA & Asia;
  • Global business development support;
  • Locally assigned account managers.



The company offers the following solutions:

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