Last Updated: 13th January, 2016
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Reltio was formed in 2011 by a cadre of experienced master data management (MDM), packaged applications, analytics and data vendor professionals. It was initially self-funded but raised $10m in 2015 in order to accelerate marketing and sales efforts. The company is profitable and cash flow positive.

The company offers a cloud-based "modern data management" Platform as a Service (PaaS), upon which data-driven applications are deployed. As such it has the distinction of appealing to both a technical audience with built-in master data management (MDM), big data, analytics, machine learning and data as a service (DaaS) capabilities - and to business users with a solution oriented suite of data-driven applications such as account management, key opinion leader management, managed markets and payer management, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Reltio Cloud

Last Updated: 12th January, 2016

The core product is Reltio Cloud and sub-components of this are the Reltio Modern Data Management Platform as a Service offering which consists of built-in multi-domain MDM as its foundation along with Data as a Service, and Reltio Commercial Graph (graph based visualisation, analytics and machine learning). On top of these are built the various Reltio data-driven applications, which consist of Key Account Management, Master Data Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Data Monetization and Compliance. Other applications are under development by partners. The graphical nature of Reltio's architecture means that it is particularly suitable for environments where there are complex non-linear relationships between entities, regardless of whether these entities are products, people or some other artefact, and any combination of these. Machine learning capabilities means that Reltio applications can make appropriate recommendations to users.

Reltio solutions are only available to run in the Cloud (Amazon Web Services) and users will be running from a browser on any device. It would be technically possible to deploy Reltio on premise but the company has made a strategic decision not to make this available at this time.

The company has historically relied on word of mouth for sales purposes but has now started direct sales (only in the United States at present) as well as a partner program with both ISVs (independent software vendors), Systems Integrators such as ZS Associates and Cognizant, as well as third party data providers such as IHS and Dun & Bradstreet.

Reltio is focusing on Healthcare and Life Sciences, High Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Government sectors. That said, the company already has deployments in other areas, but these are opportunistic sales. In our view the technology is suitable for use across a wide range of industry sectors. Typically, the company focuses on both Chief Data Officers and business users who have a particular problem to solve, and also on IT departments that have an existing MDM solution that needs replacing, or delving into big data lakes and analytics. More generally, the company is taking an incremental approach to sales: targeting a particular issue in the first instance and then expanding to include other areas of the business: for example, key account management in Healthcare might be an initial deployment, spreading to managed healthcare, brand management, HR and compliance, and so on.

Users of Reltio are currently wary about letting their competitors know about the competitive advantages that they are getting from using Reltio, so we cannot disclose any customer names. However, we can say that Reltio has a number of pharmaceutical companies using its products, some of which are household names. A notable, opportunistic sale of Reltio's Mergers and Acquisitions solution has been made to a major food distributor, which has claimed that a recent acquisition process took just three months to complete against an average of three years. More recently, as an indicator of Reltio's industry agnostic appeal it has closed deals with a major Hollywood media and entertainment provider, a provider of product information in the organic food industry, as well as a company in the auto industry.

Data in Reltio Cloud is stored in a proprietary graph database that Reltio has built on top of a Cassandra storage engine. In the case of the latter this means that both structured and unstructured data is supported, including provision of (real-time) free-text search along with tagging and cataloguing. The use of graph technology has significant advantages both in terms of initial and ongoing deployment but also in understanding relationships between data elements that are not hierarchical in nature.

The product also has built-in machine learning and analytic capabilities. While the company does not suggest that it competes with conventional analytics providers it does mean that analytics can provide relevant insights within an application. These are often linked to rich media such as Google Maps. The platform's machine learning capabilities means that the software can then use this information to make recommendations to users. In addition, there are also built-in collaborative capabilities that allow annotation, commenting and social "thumbs up or down" by frontline business users. This provides much greater transparency that is usually available and can foster a real sense of trust in the data with information.

Reltio has partnerships with, and has built connectors to, a significant number of third party data providers, including LexisNexis, D&B, and others. This means that you can enrich in-house with external data in real-time. In turn this means that applications built on this modern data PaaS can not only offer a true extended 360o view of the customer but that those extensions (social media, emails, call centre notes and so forth) can be stored directly within the customer master as opposed to conventional MDM where added details of this type have to be stored separately from the main MDM system.

Reltio provides full training and support for its platform and applications, although because the product is configuration driven, the implementation timeframes are a fraction of traditional MDM deployments. Reltio also has a large and growing list of system integrator partners who have Reltio experts on staff. Many providers also offer Reltio as part of a full managed services offering.


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