Last Updated: 20th January, 2016
Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway


Ramco Systems is part of the Ramco Group. Started as an R&D division of Ramco Industries Limited in 1992, it was established as an independent company in 1999.

The product portfolio of the company includes:

  • ERP - this is built on Ramco VirtualWorks. The product can be deployed either in the cloud on-premise. The functionality of the product includes:
    • Finance
    • Supply chain management - including CRM
    • Production - both for process and discrete
    • Quality Management
    • Project Management
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • HCM
    • Dealer Management
  • Aviation Software for Civil and Defence - the functionality supported includes:
    • Engineering
    • Materials management
    • Maintenance
    • Compliance and Quality management
    • Flight operations
    • MRO sales
    • HCM
    • Finance
  • HCM on Cloud - a HR & talent management solution
  • Analytics Suite - this includes DecisionWorks, Banking Analytics, Aviation Analytics and Power Analytics  

Company Info

  • H.Q.: Chennai, India
  • Web:

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The are no solutions, listed at this time. If you work for, or represent, Ramco and would like to see your products/solutions listed please arrange an analyst briefing.

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