Last Updated: 13th November, 2015
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QAD was founded in 1979. QAD initially developed proprietary software applications for manufacturing companies in southern California. In 1984, QAD launched its flagship product MFG/PRO, which was developed on a Progress platform. The product was one of the first to be developed based on the APICS principle as well support MRPII. In 2003. QAD launched Supply Visualization as a hosted multi-tenant solution. 2006 was a time of major acquistions for QAD. Companies acquired included:

  • Precision Software, a company delivering transportation, global trade and SCm software.
  • Bisgen Ltd., a UK-based company whose product is tailored to the unique salesforce and marketing automation needs of manufacturers.
  • FBO Systems, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products and professional services.

In 2007, the company changed the name of MFG/PRO to QAD Enterprise Applications. Further acquisitions have been made to strengthen the product:

  • FullTilt Solutions, whose portfolio included Perfect Product Suite, a Product Information Management solution
  • CEBOS, a provider of quality management and management system standard software and services.
  • DynaSys, a provider of business decision-making software for SCM, including forecasting, planning, optimising and performance analysis.

QAD offer their ERP as a cloud solution under the name of QAD Cloud ERP.

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  • H.Q.: Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • Web:

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