Last Updated: 17th December, 2013
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OpenRules, Inc. is a New Jersey-based corporation founded by Dr. Jacob Feldman in February 2003. The company's original name, Intelligent ChoicePoint, Inc., was changed to OpenRules, Inc. in December 2003 when the OpenRules product was made publicly available for the first time.

It uses an Open Source model, but provides support and consulting services. It has commercial licences available

It claims to be expert in developing practical decision support applications using:

  • Business Rules approaches;
  • Constraint and linear programming;
  • Machine learning techniques;
  • SOA architectures with Business Rules, Predictive Analytics and Optimization components integrated into Business Process Management infrastructures.



Company Info

OpenRules BDMS

Last Updated: 23rd May, 2013

OpenRules is a BDMS (Business Decision Management System) available as an Open Source product. It allows business analysts to create a Business Rules Repository to be used across an enterprise as a foundation for rules-based applications with business, processing, and presentation logic.  

The product is available from the website, with 2 license models: GPL Licenses for Open Source Projects (OpenRules is available to everyone under the terms of the most popular Open Source license known as the "GNU General Public License" -cGPLv2); Non-GPL Licenses for commercial projects.

Customers include Thomson Reuters, Commerzbank, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), Blue Shield of California, AXA Paris and the European Patent Office.

The product is a combination of Microsoft Excel, Eclipse IDE, and Google Docs, backed by OpenRules software.

A wide range of servoices is offered on the website: technical support, implementation support, consultancy, rules compression, training.


The company offers the following solutions:

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