Last Updated: 21st May, 2013
Analyst Coverage: Fran Howarth


NetIQ offers two main product lines: identity, security and governance technology, incorporating identity and access governance, access management and security management; and IT operations management, incorporating systems and application management, workload management and service management.

It was acquired by the Attachmate Group in 2005. 

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  • Tel: +1 888 323 6768
  • Approx size: 1500 people


NetIQ identity, security and governance

Last Updated: 23rd April, 2013

NetIQ offers identity and access governance, access management and security management technologies. 

NetIQ's identity and access management capabilities are largely based on Novell's products, which suffered reduced sales and brand perception issues in recent years. New developments recently in 2013 have seen a greater focus on cloud and mobile applications, as well as social access, that add to its existing capabilities. Some of its capabilities are based on licence agreements with other vendors. NetIQ has a core focus on compliance and standards support and has long been especially active in the US federal sector with a good client roster and this will serve it well as it builds out its cloud capabilities further. 

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