Last Updated: 1st April, 2013
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The Founder and CEO of Fuzed is Raheel Retiwalla, who is responsible for the company's strategic direction, planning and execution. Prior to Fuzed, he was the CTO for Clearway Technology Partners leading the Business Intelligence consulting practice and, before that held multiple roles at Microsoft including Senior Product Manager for SQL Server and as Technology Specialist for Microsoft's Data Platform and Business Intelligence solutions. Raheel started his career with Unisys Corporation where he was involved in some of the largest data warehousing deployments on Microsoft SQL Server at the time.

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Fuzed Enterprise Social Knowledge Network

Last Updated: 25th March, 2013

Fuzed Enterprise Social Knowledge Network is an enterprise solution for the combination of proven knowledge management techniques with new age social networking approaches, using "Activity Streams". These provide a common approach to implementing enterprise-scale social collaboration solutions and are defined as a single view aggregating, in real time, events, content and activities across the enterprise. An activity stream can provide a single point for creating, viewing and updating content across departmental and organisational boundaries.

According to Fuzed, the question is whether activity streams suffer with the same information overload problems that have begun to bedivil email. Fuzed believes that this potential problem can be addressed if people and information are presented with contextual information.

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