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Last Updated: 3rd July, 2014
Analyst Coverage: David Norfolk


Electric Cloud is a privately-held company, which (given that its strategic vision is sound) means that it should be able to concentrate on its customers and their long-term goals, without short-term distractions from the stock market. It has a strong leadership team (see here) and John Ousterhout, its founder (and  the creator of the Tcl - from "tool command language" - scripting language used by Electric Cloud amongst others) is still board chairperson and has well-established technical competencies in distributed operating systems, high-performance file systems, and user interfaces.

Investors, with Board representation, include Siemens Venture Capital, based in Boston; the Mayfield Fund; U.S. Venture Partners; and Rembrandt Venture Partners. Electric Cloud has built up a strong technology partner ecosystem, featuring, for example, Siemens, Wind River, Rally Software, Chef, VMware, PTC, Cisco and Perforce.

Electric Cloud has some excellent DevOps technology and a good reputation in the field. It is an innovative company, especially around optimised use of cloud resources for rapid software builds, and its latest idea, allowing developers to make use of spare desktop capacity to accelerate continuous delivery, allows customers to start small and scale up without discontinuities to an enterprise capability.

Its mantra is "we believe that every business is a software business – or needs to become one in a hurry and that’s why we are powering Continuous Delivery with a unique combination of automation and acceleration technology". It has a strong set of large Enterprise-scale customers using its technology.

Company Info

  • H.Q.: San Jose, USA
  • Web:
  • Tel: 408.419.4300
  • Approx size: 100 people

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