Last Updated: 2nd June, 2017
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Delphix was founded in 2008 and is funded by venture capital. Its latest D round of funding took place in 2015, raising $75m. The company is headquartered in California and it also has offices in Boston, Atlanta, and Denver. Internationally, Delphix has offices in London and Tokyo as well as a number of overseas customers. In May 2015 Delphix acquired Axis Technology Software, which had previously been a Delphix technology partner.

The Delphix platform is used to create virtual copies of the data (or some of the data) contained within your corporate databases for use in application development, testing, cloud migration, back-up and recovery, and other similar scenarios. The Delphix Engine creates virtual copies of existing data sources for these purposes.  Complementing the Delphix Engine is Delphix Data Masking, which allows masking of sensitive data in these virtual environments.

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Delphix Data Masking

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2016

Delphix Data Masking is a complement to the Delphix Engine. As its name implies the product provides a (static) data masking environment to support (primarily) non-production environments where sensitive data needs to be secured.

While Delphix Masking can be used standalone, it is more usually deployed alongside the Delphix Engine. In this case, you effectively have an iterative environment where you a) create a virtual copy of your data source, b) mask the data therein to create a masked, virtual copy of the data and c) create as many more, virtual masked copies as you need.

While Delphix has a direct sales function it also relies heavily on channel partners of various types. In particular, global strategic partners include SAP, Oracle, Accenture, VMware and Cognizant and the company also has many regional partners. Although the company's website highlights a number of industry verticals in practice its technology is suitable for use by any company in any industry where non-production is required and needs to be secured.

Delphix customers are widespread and varied, including Cisco, IBM, HP and Informatica as well as a large number of non-IT companies such as McDonalds, AT&T, Toyota and Deutsche Bank.

Delphix Data Masking includes profiling capabilities that use pattern matching algorithms to discover the location of sensitive data as a pre-cursor to securing that data. While data masking is the primary capability supported for this purpose the company also offers encryption and tokenisation as alternatives. As far as masking itself is concerned Delphix offers a complete range of static masking options for both structured and unstructured data with all masking being performed in-memory in order to optimise performance, without requiring additional storage.

Auditing and compliance (including PCI and HIPAA) reporting are built into the product. Users can also generate risk assessments based on data profiling.

The major differentiator for Delphix is the ability to automate the distribution of masked copies of the data. The Delphix software allows you to create a masked golden copy of your production data. Virtual copies derived from the golden copy for testing, development, or other non-production use cases will be masked automatically.

Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2 as well as file system data are all supported within the Delphix environment and the software may be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises.

Historically, some features of the product, for example dynamic data masking, are no longer focus points, since Delphix (as opposed to Axis Technology Software) concentrates on non-production environments. Delphix has a partnership with GreenSQL for dynamic data masking.

Delphix provides training, consulting services and support, as you would expect. There is a developer/customer portal called The Shark Tank.

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