Last Updated: 17th December, 2015
Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway


CAEN RFID are a spin-off from CAEN S.p.A. (Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari), who have 27 years of experience in electronics for particle and nuclear physics. CAEN RFID has developed its Easy2Read and Easy2Log product lines according to the EPC GEN2 (ISO18000-6C) standard. The company is an active participant of ETSI and EPCGlobal working groups.

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  • H.Q.: Viareggio, Italy, LU 55049
  • Web:
  • Tel: +39.0584.388.398

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The are no solutions, listed at this time. If you work for, or represent, Caen RFID and would like to see your products/solutions listed please arrange an analyst briefing.

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