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Last Updated: 19th March, 2015
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Boldon James was founded in 1985 and has been a subsidiary of FTSE 250 publicly listed QinetiQ since 2007.

Secure information exchange software to ensure compliance with legislation and standards that require that information is handled securely. Its capabilities include data classification, secure information exchange, secure military messaging and data loss prevention.

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BJ Classifier

Last Updated: 3rd March, 2015

Boldon James' Classifier product range enables organisations to apply protective markings in the form of visual markings and metadata to documents and messages such as email to protect sensitive data in line with policy and to raise user awareness of security issues, digital rights management and secure archiving. It works primarily with the Microsoft suite of products, including Office, email, exchange, CAD and SharePoint. Classifier works directly with Boldon James' data loss prevention tool and it has recently brought out a product extension to enable mobile integration.

Headquartered in the UK, where it also has a development office, Boldon James has further offices in the US and Australia. It states that it intends to increase its focus on the US. It has channel partners worldwide and will continue to build out its reseller channel further. It is a Microsoft Gold partner and works with a range of other partners that include Symantec and McAfee. It works with a number of systems integrators worldwide.

Boldon James targets its software at organisations of all sizes, but many of its customers are extremely large organisations, including commercial enterprises, government, defence and intelligence agencies. Its customer list includes large organisations such as Allianz, Prudential, Fujitsu, Lockheed Martin and a variety of government agencies, including the defence agencies of the UK, Germany and the US.

BJ Classifier is software that integrates with office productivity tools, primarily those from Microsoft. Users are able to select an appropriate level depending on the sensitivity of the data and are provided with guidance automatically. The technology automatically applies metadata to documents and messages, providing more accurate information for data loss prevention purposes.

Technical support is provided primarily from the UK during regular office hours, although it has a local technical presence in North America and Asia-Pacific. A premium support service can be provided by special arrangement. It also offers development services to those customers that wish to extend the solutions or to customise them to their specific needs.

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