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Last Updated: 2nd April, 2013
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Arbor Networks provides network security and monitoring software for protecting against denial of service, botnet and malware attacks and to assist with security, capacity planning and network management. Founded in 2000, it was acquired by Tektronix Communications in 2011, itself part of Danaher Corporation, and is not part of its test and measurement division. 

Arbor Networks targets service providers, government agencies and large enterprises, especially in the financial services and retail verticals. It claims to provide its services to some 70% of the world's  largest internet service providers. 

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  • Tel: +1 978 703 6600
  • Approx size: 300 people


Last Updated: 2nd April, 2013

ATLAS (Arbor Threat Level Analysis System) is Arbor Network's network monitoring product. It takes global traffic and routing  information supplied by major internet service providers worldwide to monitor and provide actionable intelligence regarding threats to the network infrastructure and the services that run on it. This information is made available to customers via a security portal that visually displays threats and provides up-to-date information regarding those threats and how to mitigate them. ATLAS also provides protection against DDoS attacks before they are able to threaten networks via its Peakflow product. 


Arbor Networks serves large internet services providers, governments and enterprises worldwide. It has particular strengths in financial services and the retail verticals. 

Arbor Networks claims 90% of the world's tier 1 communications services providers as its customers as well as more than 150 global enterprises. 

Arbor Network's technology and services are based on global intelligence feeds from core internet traffic provided by more than 230 service providers worldwide. It provides its customers with situational awareness and network and security intelligence for protecting against threats being seen today. It can monitor and identify any applications or services that arfe being threatened or misused and provide actionable intelligence based on the context of traffic to provide mitigation against malicious exploits. 

Arbor Networks offers its ASERT (Arbor Security Engineering & Response Teaam) services to layer technical and analytical expertise on top of the intelligence feeds that it provides, distilling that raw information into intelligence that is useful for its customers. 

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