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Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Its best-known hardware products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod music player, the iPhone smartphone, and the iPad tablet computer. Its software includes the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media browser, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and production suites.

The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977. The word "Computer" was removed from its name on January 9, 2007, reflecting its shifted focus towards consumer electronics after the introduction of the iPhone.

Company Info

  • H.Q.: Cupertino, USA
  • Web:
  • Tel: +1 408.996.1010
  • Approx size: 76000 people

Apple Magic Trackpad

Last Updated: 11th March, 2013

The  Magic Trackpad is the first multi-touch trackpad designed to work with a Mac desktop computer. It uses the same multi-touch technology found on the MacBook Pro. It supports a full set of gestures, giving  a whole new way to control and interact with the screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever. Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Use it in place of a mouse or in conjunction with one on any Mac computer - even a notebook.


Anyone who uses a desktop iMac but especially people who find using a mouse difficult or impossible. It is an excellent interface for people who use VoiceOver.

 Bluetooth connectivity to the host Mac.

The Trackpad is a standalone hardware device and therefore does not need help in operation - it plugs and plays.


The company offers the following solutions:

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