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Last Updated: 20th January, 2016
Analyst Coverage: Simon Holloway


3i Infotech was established as ICICI Infotech in 1993 with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The company provides software products, IT services and business process outsourcing to banking, manufacturing and retail sectors. Their products and services include managed IT services, application software development and maintenance, payment systems, business intelligence, document imaging and digitisation, IT consulting and various transaction processing services.

The product portfolio of 3i Infotech include a heavy concentration of software for the financial sector; these include:

  • Asset and Wealth Management Software:
    • C-Matis - Portfolio Management system
    • Telesto - Private Banking & Wealth Management
    • MFund - A portfolio accounting, valuation, and performance evaluation suite for managing Mutual Funds
    • Quantis - Asset Management Solution for investment management organisations
  • Corporate Banking Software:
    • Kastle Asset Liability Management - An analytical tool for liquidity and interest rate risk management.
    • Kastle Factoring - A web-based solution offering receivables finance companies control over CRM, document management, credit risk analyses, BI, and Fraud Management.
    • Kastle Risk Management - A Basel II compliant market risk management solution that includes tools for regulatory compliance and risk control.
    • Kastle Treasury - A front-through-back-office solution covering all asset classes and derivatives.
    • Factor/SQL - Factor/SQL is a portfolio management platform.
  • Retail Banking Software:
    • AMLOCK - Anti Money Laundering
    • Kastle Crx - Financial Analytics and Credit Risk System
    • FCDMS - Financial Crime Detection and Management
    • Kastle Core Banking
    • Kastle Internet Banking
    • Kastle Universal Lending
  • Capital Markets:
    • TRADIS - Integrated Broker Office Solutions Suite
    • AWACS - Advanced Warning and Control System
  • Insurance Software:
    • PREMIA General Insurance
    • PREMIA Collaborator - a web portal with CRM and administrative capabilities, online
    • PREMIA Takaful - Islamic insurance solution supporting both Mudharabah and Wakalah models
    • PREMIA Broker
    • BI in a Box-PREMIA
    • PREMIA Health
  • Framework -Private Equity Software

The company also have the software:

  • IT Infrastructure Management:
    • i-enable rmf - Remote Monitoring Framework
    • i-enable sd - Service Desk
  • Orion Enterprise - an ERP application with built-in CRM, SCM, finance, and HR capabilities

Company Info

  • H.Q.: Mumbai, India
  • Web:
  • Approx size: 8500 people

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