OMG comes back to Europe

David Norfolk

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Published: 13th April, 2012
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The OMG Real-Time, Embedded, and Enterprise Scale Time-Critical Systems Workshop will be held in Paris between 17-19 April:. This will interest readers who've been following the Data Distribution Service (DDS) with me (see here and here), as this will feature heavily

To complement the workshop, PrismTech, a leading supplier of DDS technology, will be holding its first ever OpenSplice DDS User Conference on the evening of Tuesday 17 April: .

According to Dr Richard Soley Chairman & CEO of the OMG "this is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED by European companies with an interest in DDS and its evolution as an international standard. It would be great to re-establish Europe as a regular occurrence on the OMG events schedule, but that will only happen if European companies support these events".

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