Call for Papers for the BCS CMSG 2013 Conference - deadline 11th March

David Norfolk

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Published: 21st February, 2013
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It's that time of the year again - the Call for Papers for the premier UK event on Change, Release, Asset and Configuration Management for ITIL and Service Management and throughout the application lifecycle.

This is the BCS CMSG 2013 Conference - Benefit from Experience throughout the Application Lifecycle, from better asset, change, configuration and release management. We are looking for presentations by practitioners to cover a wide variety of topics and encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas between practitioners, vendors and users of the CCRM processes, solutions and tools.

More information and key dates here. If configuration management is the basis of your IT governance (and that ought to cover just about everyone), or if you sell CCRM tools, you really should be getting involved with this.

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