TIBCO have a good quarter one

Simon Holloway

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Published: 1st April, 2011
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TIBCO announced their Q1 results on March 30th. Their license revenue grew by 29%, its fastest pace in a decade for a Q1. From a geographic viewpoint, growth in the Americas was very “robust” and Asia also showed double digit growth. Europe was up on last year. This coincides with greater confidence in the business market as the world comes out of recession. The biggest growth in vertical terms came from Transportation and Logistics, Retail and Energy sectors.

From a product viewpoint, TIBCO gave the following figures:

  • Business Optimization portfolio grew by more than 100% over last year, with particularly strong growth from TIBCO Business Events.
  • BPM revenue increased by more than 70%.
  • tibbr now has over 100,000 seats sold.

TIBCO claim that leveraging their middleware platform and their event-driven approach to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage.

These are quite impressive results from one of the last major middleware specialist software companies. TIBCO seem to be able to keep finding a new niche in the middleware market to exploit.

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