TEC release report on Cloud ERP for manufacturing sector

Simon Holloway

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Published: 28th January, 2016
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Technology Evaluation Centres (TEC) are a well-known reviewer of software. They have just released a buyer's guide to Cloud ERP. I really like their opening paragraph describing the report: "When it comes to selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your manufacturing enterprise, is your head in the clouds? Should it be? And since all clouds are not created equal, how do you make the right choice for your business?". I think this sums up the issues facing SME manufacturers about the choice of an ERP and whether to look to a solution in the cloud.

The manufacturing sector has been slow in adopting cloud software, but the trend is on the increase. The guide outlines specific business cases and scenarios where it makes sense for manufacturers to adopt cloud ERP software. If you are looking at whether to go to a cloud solution, this is a good starting point to make your choice.

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