RF Code launches New Mobile Management Platform

Simon Holloway

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Published: 20th September, 2013
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RF Code has announced an asset-management software application for iPads, tablets and smartphones. Asset Manager Mobile also provides interactive desktop graphing and charting capabilities. The new product adds to RF Code's IT asset-tracking and environmental-monitoring portfolio and provides data center managers with access to real-time data regarding their facilities, from any location and at any time.

The app, which runs on Apple iOS or Android devices, provides a global search feature to quickly access any location, asset or sensor defined in the system. Alert conditions (such as security violations or elevated temperature or humidity readings) are also sent directly to the Asset Manager Mobile software, enabling immediate, pro-active responses to critical issues. Asset Mobile also provides reporting, charts and graphs that can be studied and drilled into for more specific details.

The software works with RF Code's 433 MHz active RFID tags and readers for asset and environmental monitoring. Asset Manager Mobile is designed to enable easy access to locate, browse, view, add, edit and delete assets and RFID tags.

Asset Manager Mobile is to be made available next month through the Apple App Store and Google play at no cost.

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