QPR release a decision making tool that fits in your pocket

Simon Holloway

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Published: 23rd March, 2016
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QPR Software have just announced the launch of QPR MobileDashboard, an application that makes it easier to access and browse actionable performance information on the go. QPR MobileDashboard provides an interface to access dashboards in all handheld devices from smartphones to tablets. The touch screen optimised application not only creates a hands-on feel in browsing through data, but also defines dashboards.

Maija Erkheikki, QPR Channel Sales Senior Vice President, stated "In today's rapidly changing business environment, performance data needs to be readily available for decision makers at all times. In addition to the usual strategic or operational performance indicators, QPR also offers unique process performance monitoring capabilities - a critical functionality often lacking in other comparable technologies. Process KPIs are calculated using QPR's patented process mining technology, and these can now also be presented to users with their device of choice."

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