Oracle announce Process Accelerator based on their BPM Suite

Simon Holloway

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Published: 4th October, 2011
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Oracle today unveiled, at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Process Accelerators, aimed and simplifying and accelerating time-to-value for customers' business process management initiatives. They are built on the latest version of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g.

Oracle Process Accelerators address horizontal and industry-specific process requirements for common and repeatable business process patterns, such as employee on-boarding and invoice processing. By delivering embedded best practices and built-in efficiencies, The Oracle Process Accelerators are customizable and extensible to fit specific customer requirements. They include:

  • Public Sector: Incident Reporting of unusual events or policy deviations with full audit capability.
  • Horizontal: Travel Request Management for automated and multi-level rule-based workflow and Document Approval for managing standard or one-of-a-kind documents.

Michael Weingartner, vice president, Product Development, Oracle, stated "Most organizations use common processes to manage internal functions, such as employee on-boarding. However, building custom business processes can be costly and time consuming. Extending Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g with pre-built Oracle Process Accelerators enables customers to increase the value of business processes and speed time-to-value and increase user productivity."

The recognition that there are standard good practice processes that can be pre-configured, thus offering a reduction in the time it takes to implement automation of business processes, is a key deliverable being sought in the market. The interesting aspect is how BPMS vendors offering these capabilities will clash with the ERP style package vendors. For Oracle, which sits in both camps and have been moving their applications to sit on top of their Fusion infrastructure, this seems to be a move to delivery. It will be interesting to watch for other announcements.

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