Did you know that Rock & Roll Classics can be linked to ERP Implementation?

Simon Holloway

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Published: 2nd October, 2014
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I have just read an article by Eric Kimberling of Panorama Consulting Solutions (Five Things Rock and Roll Can Teach Us About ERP Implementations) that just made me smile. See how you are at guessing the artists for each the classic rock numbers he uses to provide valuable lessons for ERP implementations.

Avoid the ERP implementation highway to hell. Smart organisations realise that ERP implementations are not easy. You need to invest the necessary time, resources and tools. This includes the all-important focus on success factors such as organisational change management, business process re-engineering and project management.

Watch for smoke on the water. ERP projects don't fail overnight, they occur as an an accumulation of issues, risks and poor decisions that stack up over time.

The times they are a-changing. Organisational change management is going to be challenging for your organisation.

Your ERP project should be about taking care of business. Successful organisations are the ones that invest adequate time in their business process re-engineering and organisational change management initiatives.

Don’t stop believing. Because ERP implementations are so difficult, it can be easy to lose hope and lower the bar for success. By going in with realistic expectations to begin with, successful organisations are typically able to avoid this dynamic.

The article is worth reading if you are contemplating an ERP Implementation. The answers are on the attached document.

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