Checkpoint Launches Enhanced RFID-Based Electronic Article Surveillance Overhead Solution

Simon Holloway

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Published: 22nd November, 2013
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Checkpoints Systems Inc has announced the release of Overhead 2.0. It is a key component of an integrated solution delivering real-time inventory and demand-driven replenishment. It serves as an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system that alarms and identifies stolen merchandise, improved standard RFID tag for both inventory visibility and loss prevention, simplifying deployment and reduces tag costs significantly. 

Overhead 2.0 has been optimized for use by specialty apparel and fashion retailers using RFID for inventory management. It has been engineered as a standalone exit door solution in new and remodeled stores, or with traditional EAS systems in existing stores as part of a retailer's RFID adoption strategy. It offers what Checkpoint describe as high read accuracy through Wirama Radar, Checkpoint's combination of Wirama hardware that identifies the location and the directionality of a tag, and OAT Filtering software that eliminates unwanted reads from tags that are not moving through the door. Checkpoint state that this allows retailers to be able to  confidently place tagged items at the front of the store without concern for stray reads causing false alarms.

Overhead 2.0 is able to cover much higher ceilings and wider retail store entrances than the original Overhead solution, making it an even better fit for mall-based specialty retailers and department stores. The hardware is also more compact than previous versions, enabling it to fit in more locations and offering easier installation.

Farrokh Abadi, Checkpoint's president and COO, Merchandise Availability Solutions, stated that, "By working closely with our retail partners, we were able to better understand how they planned to use the technology. Even as we increased item visibility and coverage for higher and wider store entrances, we also enabled retailers to merchandise hundreds of items closer to the entrance, so that they can make better use of the valuable space in the front of the store and add loss prevention to the inventory management benefits the RFID tag affords."

Overhead 2.0 is commercially available immediately in North America, in December in Europe, and in January in Asia Pacific. 

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