Bosch complete acquisition of Inubit AG

Simon Holloway

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Published: 26th October, 2011
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So of you may remember me posting a blog about Bosch's intention to acquire. Inubit AG (Bosch plans acquisition of inubit AG, July 25th 2011). Well, on October 24th the Bosch Group announced that they had completed the acquisition. The agreement for the 100 percent acquisition of inubit stock was signed last July; the antitrust authorities have since approved the transaction. Inubit AG will initially remain a legally independent entity after the transaction has been closed. A merger with Bosch Software Innovations GmbH is planned for the medium term.

Bosch Software Innovations will soon be offering combined products for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), Business Data Management, and Infrastructure Management. These products form the basis for applications in the Internet of Things and Services as well as for the development of business models based on those applications.

Bosch is the European vendor in the software market to watch in my view. Their software group already has a set of applications and they have already started to rule-base them, so if they now also process-enable them, this will make a serious agile event-driven process-enabled applications contender.

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