Bizagi announce webinar on the importance of data in process development

Simon Holloway

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Published: 8th August, 2014
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Bizagi see BPM as a key ingredient for leading businesses looking to improve their customer-centricity. The addition of the requirement for uers to be able to access their process from anywhere, adds additional burden. Sparked by the demand for ‘more services, now’, the need to reinvent legacy processes, extend them to digital channels and integrate with new systems of engagement Bizagi see the critical relationship between process and data under a new light. Therefore they have set up a webinar on September 17th, 2014 with Clay Richardson of Forrester Research Inc., to discuss why data matters: its role in business processes, the challenges of ensuring data quality in the process flow, and the exciting possibilities offered by data virtualization in transforming how we engage customers.

This sounds like it coud be of great interst to many people.

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