Access Group make another acquisition

Simon Holloway

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Published: 16th December, 2013
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Access Technology Group has widened its manufacturing customer base with the purchase of FactoryMaster’s largest reseller CompeteIT. The deal comes just two weeks after the acquisition of FactoryMaster, taking Access’s manufacturing customer base to over 1000 clients.

Chris Bayne, CEO for Access, says, “Our business strategy is to directly offer our customers and prospects joined up end-to-end business solutions. We’ve been moving away from the dealer model for some time, so it made strategic sense to purchase FactoryMasters largest reseller. We’re able to offer customers fully integrated manufacturing solutions no matter what size they are or their requirements.The increased customer base gives us the opportunity to cross-sell our integrated products into existing and new customers.”

The continued growth of Access was confirmed last month as they posted turnover of £43 million (up 32% year-on-year) and EBITDA of £9 million (up 34% year-on-year).

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