Trust as the foundation of security

Fran Howarth

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Published: 14th September, 2012
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Trust is essential for building a sustainable business. Security is essential for building trust. To build trust in electronic networks, security needs to be built into a suitable framework, rather than being bolted on in a piecemeal fashion. The only way to make security equate to trust is to build a secure foundation, taking into account the security of the whole system and not merely protecting its individual components by bolted-on security.

However, where once an organisation's network was fairly self-contained, today's world is a highly interconnected one, incorporating cloud services, mobile devices, virtualisation, the consumerisation of the enterprise and highly interactive web applications that has seen perimeters eroded. The challenge is to embrace these new technology developments to enable the business to grow, to support innovation and competitiveness, and to enhance the ability to serve customers.

These developments mean that trust models must now be extended to external networks and services, which changes the way that security needs to be implemented and managed. Bloor Research has published a new paper that looks at these issues in greater detail and describes how organisations can build a new security paradigm based on a foundation of trust. This paper can be accessed here: Security based on trust not fear.

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