McAfee and Wind River - Blown Together Nicely

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Written By: Nigel Stanley
Published: 21st February, 2011
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Life is moving fast in the world of mobile device security. With announcements last week at Mobile World Conference of ever more powerful smartphones and mobile devices, the game of security catch-up needs to be happening quicker than ever.

The recent announcement of a strategic hookup between McAfee and Wind River shows that the big players are taking this seriously, and clearly with Intel's hardware expertise thrown into the melting pot it presents an interesting view of mobile device security being, at long last, supported with specially designed solutions rather than crippled PC products crowbarred into a smaller form factor.

As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, the need to secure non-PC based endpoints that access remotely hosted corporate data becomes a number one concern for CISOs—or if it isn't it should be.

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