Infographic on API adoption

Fran Howarth

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Published: 5th August, 2013
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Following on from a recent posting on the importance of APIs for enabling the extended enterprise, I came across an interesting graphic from Layer 7, now owned by CA Technologies, which was the vendor featured in the previous posting. The data in the infographic reiterate the importance of APIs as seen by organisations surveyed. Among the key findings are:

  • 43.2% of organisations already have an API programme in place, and 86.5% state that they will have such a programme within five years.
  • Mobility, partner connectivity, cloud integration, and enabling application development for both internal and external purposes are key drivers for adopting an API programme.
  • 49.6% or organisations think that data security and privacy are the most important security considerations with the use of APIs.

The full infographic can be accessed here:

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