Now hold your breath - the Olympic year is nearly upon us

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Written By: Nigel Stanley
Published: 16th December, 2011
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As we usher in the end of 2011 many of us will be glad that a pretty traumatic year has finished. With continuing turmoil across financial markets, revolutions and civil war it makes one wonder what else is set to challenge us in 2012.

The answer for those in the UK is simple - the London Olympics. Whatever view one may have about this event it will provide the UK with a huge physical and information security challenge. From 1st January any incident, no matter how large or how small, virtual or otherwise will be linked to the Olympics by the media. I guarantee that there will be headlines featuring families cheated out of their online tickets as they succumb to phishing attacks, hacking and malware. Couple this with stressed out transportation, power, water and telecommunications networks we will all feel the strain in increasing measures as the Olympic events loom.  

My advice?

As a matter of urgency if you have not reviewed your business continuity plans already this must be your number one job on return to work in January.

In the meantime have a break over the holliday period, as you will need to be fighting fit from 3rd January!

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