Blended security threats require a unified response

Fran Howarth

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Published: 28th May, 2013
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The new mantra today is that it is not if your organisation will suffer a security breach, but when. In a recent survey released during Infosec Europe 2013, 93% of large organisations reported that they had been breached in the past year, as did 87% of small organisations. And the report also shows that they are being breached more often with every passing year.

The security threats that we face are getting ever more serious. They are no longer random, but are highly targeted and sophisticated, using a range of mechanisms in combination in an attempt to make the attack more likely to succeed. It is no longer sufficient to address each threat vector in isolation given the fast growing number, and severity of, blended, targeted threats.

Join Bloor Research Thursday 30th May at 2pm GMT/3pm CET for a webinar that discusses these issues and what organisations should do to protect themselves, including the elements required in a unified, cloud-based security platform. Click on this link to register for the event: Webinar on responding to blended security threats.


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