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Published: 18th December, 2009
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I have recently written and published two spotlight papers. These are generic (i.e. no mention of vendors) papers about matters of concern and/or interest, discussing why these areas are important and what you should be looking for in terms of functionality.

The first of these marks a revisit to the spreadsheet management market after a hiatus since 2007. The paper is called spreadsheet governance and it discusses spreadsheet management in terms of Bloor Research’s information governance model. That is, in terms of discovery, trust, security, lifecycle management, compliance and stewardship. It can be found at, and downloaded from, here.

following this i am working on a market guide, market update and product evaluations within the spreadsheet market. however, unlike my last report i am focusing on enterprise solutions and will not be covering things like audit tools, though i may include a list of such vendors for reference. one thing that will be new is a maturity model for spreadsheet management.

the second spotlight is called “log and event management” and can be found here. It is essentially about the SIEM (security information and event management—a term I don’t like) and log management markets and how they are converging and will extend to encompass complementary areas such as database activity monitoring. As I indicated in my blog about our research agenda I will be producing a market update and associated papers for this market also, but after spreadsheets.

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