Data Migration 2013

Philip Howard

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Published: 16th May, 2013
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Readers will know that our last survey into the data migration market, along with the best practices we recommended, was published in 2011. The big result from this survey was the extent to which the adoption of technology increased the chance of success compared to our previous survey in 2007. We concluded that relevant lessons had largely been learned. We might reasonably conclude, therefore, that the best practices recommended in our 2011 paper have been similarly heeded.

The question therefore becomes: what next? What additional technologies or tools or approaches can further increase the likelihood of successful migrations? Some pointers to this were included in our 2011 survey - the use of tools for archival and data masking for example - but we didn't go into the use of these in any detail. Also, some new tools - for what we might call quality assurance - have appeared since 2011. We haven't any further survey information on these tools and techniques but that doesn't mean that they aren't important going forward.

Anyway, I'm going to be discussing all this in a webinar with Informatica on Monday 22nd May. It should be fun: it's not going to be a formal presentation, more of a chat with Q&A, so I hope you'll listen in.

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