Eye Tracking on smart phones and tablets

Peter Abrahams

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Published: 14th March, 2013
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Based in Israel, uMoove has been working on a technology for smartphones and tablets to track eye and head movements using a device's front-facing camera. It will shortly make the SDK available to developers.

The technology will enable a user to control an application just by small movements of the head and changes of expression. This should be fun for game users; but could be life changing for disabled users who cannot control applications using standard interfaces. In fact the initial impetus for developing the technology was to help a relative who had a disease that would cause progressive paralysis.

Eye tracking technology is already available but is based on expensive specialised hardware and software. Umoove uses the standard forward facing camera in the device and runs on Apple iOS or Android so should greatly reduce the cost and make the technology available to a much wider audience.

Developers should apply for the beta SDK at umoove.me.

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