Ed Vaizey, The New Digital Minister, is the keynote speaker at e-Access

Peter Abrahams

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Published: 16th June, 2010
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Ed Vaizey, the new minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries with responsibility for digital access and inclusion, is confirmed as the keynote speaker for e-Access '10: the annual conference and exhibition on access to technology by people with disabilities.

The UK's leading conference in this vital field looks at the strong business drivers for making web sites, IT systems and all digital technologies as accessible as possible to all, regardless of ability. In today's tough economic climate, it makes no sense to exclude anyone - citizens, customers or your own staff - through poor service design.

To register please go to www.headstar-events.com/eaccess10 and as a reader of Bloor Research quote the discount code BL10.

Aimed at inclusion workers, marketing managers, communications managers, web teams, ICT staff, human resources managers etc. this unique event aims to help you widen your customer or service user base; comply with the law; and improve recruitment and retention.

Speakers include Dr Jean Irvine OBE, Commissioner, Equality and Human Rights Commission; Matthew Cock, head of web, British Museum; and speakers from the AbilityNet, BBC, BT, City University, Lloyds TSB, Segala and Shell.

The event is co-hosted by OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition with E-Access Bulletin. For more information, visit:

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