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The Holloway Angle contains short pieces of news, analysis and opinions on Process (including applications such as ERP, PLM and SCM) and Sensory devices (RFID). Some of this will not be completely thought out but instead I hope you will add value to my off-the-wall thoughts. It won't always be regular but please feel free to contribute to the debate. May the ping be with you!

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18 December, 2014: Bizagi announce Process Xchange
Bizagi have recently announced the release of its newly rebranded Process Xchange.

04 December, 2014: Access Group celebrates strong financial results
Access Technology Group have announced that they have enjoyed another successful year, reporting turnover of £53.5 million

24 October, 2014: SOA, BPM and Mr. Potato Head
I love quirky analogies that people use to explain major IT concepts and I came across one this week from Chris Read in the PEX network newsletter.

15 October, 2014: IBM and SAP Partner to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption
An announcement was made yesterday (October 14th) that SAP have chosen IBM as a premier strategic provider of cloud infrastructure services.

06 October, 2014: RFID at the Ryder Cup
One of my colleagues was sent an email from Graylings, The PR Agency, and knowing my interest in all things quirky concerning RFID passed it on to me.

03 October, 2014: Product Information Management (PIM)
I often get emails from vendors talking about a whitepaper or other sales document. Sometimes these are very useful simple guides to a subject.

03 October, 2014: AgFirst and Generali win big at Excellence in BPM and Workflow awards 2014
Two Bizagi customers won awards at the recent Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow at BPM in Banking, Finance and Insurance conference in Oakbrook,

02 October, 2014: Did you know that Rock & Roll Classics can be linked to ERP Implementation?
I have just read an article by Eric Kimberling of Panorama Consulting Solutions that just made smile.

30 September, 2014: QPR introduces advanced application portfolio, HR and risk management support with the new QPR ODM Template
QPR Software have announced the release of its enhanced QPR ODM Template version 2014.2

23 September, 2014: Sage Group announce acquisition of PAI Group - provider of PayChoice
Sage Group have announced an agreement to acquire the US Company PAI Group, who provide payroll and HR services under the banner PayChoice for SMEs in the US

14 August, 2014: Bizagi announce new US operations
Bizagi announced today the opening of its brand-new US headquarters in San Francisco and relocation of its UK headquarters to offices close to London.

09 August, 2014: Sage Summit, Day 2
On the second day of the Sage Summit in Los Angeles, the focus was on focus has been on Sage's strategy and innovation.

08 August, 2014: QPR Software sees enterprise architecture market in Europe increasing
QPR Software outlook shows a growing market in Finland and Europe

08 August, 2014: Bizagi announce webinar on the importance of data in process development
There has been a tendency to move from being data focused to process oriented. The fact is you need to be both.

07 August, 2014: Sage Summit 2014, Day 1
This week in Los Angles, Sage is hosting a North America-wide conversation about the success and challenges of small and mid-sized businesses they face.

23 July, 2014: More Impressive Customer ROI figures from Bizagi
More Impressive figures from Bizagi

07 July, 2014: Access Group sets up a dedicated Health & Social Care Division
Access Group announced on July 7th that they were setting up a new division of the company to cover the Health and Social Care arena.

30 April, 2014: Bizagi release new vesion of BPM Suite
Today's release is particularly significant as 90% of improvements came as a direct result of their 150,000-strong user community.

18 April, 2014: Virgin Media expose private email addresses
Yesterday, Virgin Media sent an email to all their "" email customers concerning the use this address type to log-in to any Google services.

10 April, 2014: Intellinote - capture anything!
A headline in PCWorld in October 2013 caught my eye; it read "Intellinote brings social note-taking to business." This rather intrigued me.