This is the old interface to our blog page, it is not contextual like the rest of the site. We maintain the page for people who follow individual blogs.

IT Infrastructure
Welcome to the new IT Infrastructure blog from Paul Bevan.

Security Blog
Welcome to the new security blog, a group effort from the analyst security team at Bloor.

IM Blog
Welcome to the Bloor Information Management blog, lead by Philip Howard.

The accessibility blog contains short pieces of news and thoughts on accessibility and usability from Peter Abrahams.

The Norfolk Punt
Musings from David Norfolk, Practice Leader for Development & Governance.

The Holloway Angle
The Holloway Angle contains short pieces of news, analysis and opinions on Process (including applications such as ERP, PLM and SCM) and Sensory devices (RFID).

Fran Howarth
Fran comments on interesting news and her ideas about IT security.