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Philip Howard

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Published: 15th December, 2014
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I am in the processing of researching a bullseye (our version of a magic quadrant) for the graph and RDF database market. I am not treating this as homogeneous and I will actually be comparing RDF/triple stores, operational graph databases and analytic graph databases as three separate groupings, although even this is a simplistic breakdown. I have also drafted a white paper that discusses the different types of graph product that are available and the types of solutions that they are best suited to. This will be published in January. I hope to get the Bullseye out in the same time frame, although it may be later, depending on the fruits of this article.

At the current time the following vendors will be covered: IBM, MarkLogic, HPCC, Neo4j, SPARQL City/Actian, Teradata, Algebraix, Titan and Cray. InterSystems (GlobalsDB) has indicated that it may not wish to be included. I am hoping also to include OrientDB, AllegroGraph and Objectivity (InfiniteGraph). However, I know that there are lots of other graph vendors out there: if you would like to be included in my research please get in touch.

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