BPMS as a Service, the Singularity way

Simon Holloway

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Published: 20th May, 2009
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On May 1st, Singularity launched the new release of the BPMS platform (V4.0). The key new feature of this release is the ability to provide the BPMS capabilities of the tool in a SaaS mode. Singularity have made their mark in the BPMS market through their exceptional support for knowledge-intensive processes, where you know what the start and the end points are, but not necessarily how you navigate between these 2 fixed points. V4.0 now delivers this capability through the cloud.

Paul Moorhead, Product Manager at Singularity, said. "In this release we're bringing that leading edge capability to delivering solutions in the cloud. With the massive move toward Software-as-a-Service in the software sector, this release provides an entry point for a huge market segment to begin automating their key knowledge processes and delivering them as SaaS enabled applications".

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