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Simon Holloway

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Published: 9th July, 2008
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In my research on the RFID middleware market, I came across a number of vendors that were new to me. In a series of articles, I will provide a short overview of these products. The eighth of these is Allixon Corporation.

Allixon Corporation were founded in 2002. Their headquarters are in Houston, Texas, USA. They have offices in Thailand and South Korea. Currently they have partnership with a small number of hardware vendors that include: Alien, AWID, Intermec and Serit. There are software partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Sun Microsystems.

The key difference is that this middleware platform has been developed to expressly work with mobile phones as the input devices. The RFID equipped mobile phone reads the tag information in and sends it to the URIS mobile RFID platform. Figure 1 shows the different components of the products.

URIS mobile RFID Component Architecture
Figure 1: URIS mobile RFID Component Architecture (Source: Allixon)

URIS Framework is a proprietary RFID framework to assist with the implementation of RFID systems. According to Allixon web site it is based on 5 years field experience in developing RFID solutions. Figure 2 shows the various components.

URIS Framework
Figure 2: URIS Framework (Source Allixon)

Key findings
In the opinion of Bloor Research the following represent the key facts of which prospective users should be aware:

  • The URIS mobile RFID platform has been specifically designed for use with RFID-enabled mobile phones. It therefore supports a number of different protocols other than EPCglobal.

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