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This website features our independent analysis, opinion, blog posts, research and events. The website has been tailored to provide a contextual browsing experience. Please start by picking either a topic from the main menu, or by browsing our latest content (shown below).

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What's New at Bloor Research?

The following 3 items are taken from the slideshow on our desktop website:

1. The Bloor MiniMag

Get the latest version of our window on to Bloor's research and analysis. This is a simple way for you to get up-to-date with our research in targeted areas and to see what is happening in Bloor.
Issue #5, just released, discusses Trust.
Download your copy today

2. The Mutable Business

The Mutable Business is the 21st century take on the business in a constant state of evolution.
This is now our core research focus, driven by technological innovation, globalisation and changes in working patterns. Read more about the Mutable Business

3. Bloor partners with CIF

… to develop a range of end user-focused initiatives, including events, research, how-to guides, e-learning courses, and structured masterclasses for Cloud adoption.
These initiatives are designed to help organisations refine and develop their Cloud migration strategies. You can also take advantage of our partnership with a significant discount off CIF Membership.
Read more about our partnership

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